Veganuary Las Vegas

Kick off 2018 in Las Vegas with Veganuary presented by Vegans, Baby! Join us for the month-long celebration and enjoy special plant-based and meat-free dishes at Border Grill Mandalay Bay and Border Grill Forum Shops until Wednesday, January 31, 2018. A portion of the proceeds go to Nevada Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Veganuary organization. Check out the menus below.


Veganuary Yucatan Roasted Beets

achiote habanero sauce | rainbow radish | orange segments | epazote pesto

blue corn tortilla | smoked tomato sauce | caramelized tofu | chile oil

spicy cashew cheese sauce | roasted cauliflower | organic black beans | guacamole

pinto beans | corn | tomatoes | red onions | poblano peppers
corn chips | avocado | kale | coriander dressing

avocado | serrano chile | heirloom tomato | epazote pesto | squash blossoms | cilantro tortilla

roasted corn relish | vegan cheese | roasted tomato fennel sauce | kale tortilla salad

impossible meat | guacamole | salsa fresca | corn tortilla | black beans | red rice

roasted cauliflower | rainbow beets | green onions | spanish peppers
garlic | yellow rice | peas | black quinoa | aji amarillo sauce


3950 Las Vegas Blvd. S Las Vegas | NV 89119 | 702.632.7403



Photo by Eddie Sanchez

jicama | roasted beets | cucumber | mango | citrus marinade | avocado puree

charred corn | roasted peppers | green garbanzo beans | avocado
apples | tortilla chips | coriander vinaigrette

kale corn tortillas | lentils | grilled asparagus | grilled pineapple salsa
oven dried tomatoes | avocado | red rice | organic black beans

grilled portobello mushrooms | organic black beans | roasted peppers
roasted tomato & fennel sauce | guacamole | pickled onions

organic quinoa | saffron broth | cherry tomatoes | spanish peppers
white beans | sunflower sprouts | avocado balm

guava | prickly pear | coconut

3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109 | NV 89119 | 702.854.6700


Celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with Border Grill

New Year’s Eve Weekend Brunch

Celebrate the last weekend of 2017 with Border Brunch and bottomless mimosas, micheladas, and bloody marys. Choose from unlimited small plates like Guava Empanadas, Chilaquiles, Steak and Egg, Chicken Tamales, Churro Tots, and more. View menus and make reservations below.

Las Vegas at The Forum Shops
Phone: 702.854.6700
New Year’s Eve Hours: 10 am–5 pm
New Year’s Eve Brunch Menu

Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay
Phone: 702.632.7403
New Year’s Eve Hours: 10 am–10 pm
New Year’s Eve Brunch Menu

Downtown LA
Phone: 213.486.5171
New Year’s Eve Hours: 11 am–10 pm
New Year’s Eve Brunch Menu
Vegan Brunch Menu

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Toast to New Year’s Eve with festive dishes or select from the regular dinner menu. Holiday hours and menus vary by location.

Join us at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay for New Year’s Eve dinner specials such as Oxtail Tamale, Charcuterie and Cheese Board, Mexico City Tuna Tartare, Pan Seared Tenderloin and Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Crab Stuffed Lobster Fideo, Peruvian Half Chicken, Chocolate Tamale, Blueberry Ginger Tres Leches, and more! The 3-course dinner includes a glass of sparkling wine for $80 per person. New Year’s Eve specials and regular dinner menu will be available a la carte as well.

Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay
Phone: 702.632.7403
New Year’s Eve Hours: 10 am–10 pm
New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu
Regular Dinner Menu

Celebrating in Los Angeles? Ring in 2018 at Border Grill Downtown LA with a la carte dishes like Lobster Bisque, Seeded Lamb Chops, Negra Modelo Short Rib, and Café de Olla Chocolate Cake. Happy hour drink specials and regular dinner menu will also be available.

Downtown LA
Phone: 213.486.5171
New Year’s Eve Hours: 11 am–10 pm
New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu
Regular Dinner Menu

New Year’s Day

Recover on New Year’s Day with a special brunch, lunch, or a celebratory Monday Taco Madness including all you can eat tacos for $20 per person and $20 margarita pitchers at Border Grill Forum Shops.

Las Vegas at The Forum Shops
Phone: 702.854.6700
Holiday Hours: 11:30 am-10 pm
New Year’s Day Monday Madness Menu

Celebrate New Year’s Day with a very special edition of Border Brunch featuring unlimited small plates and bottomless mimosas, micheladas, and bloody marys! Brunch highlights include Bacon Jalapeño PBJ Sandwich, Mary’s Chicken & Waffle, Steak & Egg, Peruvian Shrimp & Grits, Breakfast Fries, Campechana, and Churro Tots.

Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay
Phone: 702.632.7403
Holiday Hours: 10 am–10 pm
New Year’s Day Brunch Menu

Downtown LA
Phone: 213.486.5171
Holiday Hours: 11:30 am–9 pm
New Year’s Day Lunch Menu


Chef Mary Sue’s Sicily Bike Tour with Tourissimo

To me, travel is like church.  When I go to a new place and experience new things, it puts all my problems in perspective and reminds me of how small I really am.  It also gives me an enormous sense of place, and connects me to the earth on a completely different level.  Getting outside and diving head first into the culture I’m visiting is always transformative, which is why I can’t wait to get back on my bike with Tourissimo for my second bike tour in Italy.

Last June, I was fortunate enough to join Beppe and his crew for an impressively planned ride through the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. Famous for its Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, I knew that I would be in chef heaven.  What I didn’t expect is how intimate of a look I would get at the locale.  Cycling through the countryside next to fields and fields of grapevines was one thing, but our planned stops along the way gave us unforgettable, hands-on experiences that no other tour could provide.  Our visit to a cooking school where we were able to cook with area chefs is an example of one of the many fresh angles this tour yields.  We ate so much there, but felt no guilt since we knew we were going to burn off every last calorie as we rode to our next destination.  You never know what surprises you’ll encounter when you roll into a new town.  Check out the enchanting town of Bagno di Romagna.

The last time I was in Sicily, I went with the State Department as part of the Culinary Diplomatic Corps where I competed in the Annual Couscous Festival.  This very friendly competition is more of a celebration of culture, as around fifteen nations bring in chefs to show what they can do.  It was here that I got a glimpse of the Sicilian compassion and way of life- and it’s stuck with me ever since.  I’ve always wanted to go back, and I’m excited to see what new perspectives Tourissimo can give me during our tour in a few short months.  If you come along with us, you’ll get the opportunity to view the culture of Sicily through a chef’s eyes.  Traci Des Jardins and I have been traveling together for the better part of 20 years, and we love discovering food together.  We would love to share that love for discovery with you as well, and May is the perfect time to travel to the region, as the landscape is utterly breathtaking.  We’ll play games, eat delicious foods, drink exquisite wines, get our exercise, and achieve a real feeling of reverence being on such ancient ground.  Traveling on the roads that centuries of our predecessors have traveled helps us connect with each other on a deeper level- and that’s something we need now more than ever.

If you love good food, cycling, and breathtaking views you won’t want to miss this special edition culinary bike tour from May 5-12, 2018.

Cheers – Mary Sue








Cheese and Green Chile Tamales

Green Chile Cheese Tamales

You’ll love this combination of roasted green chiles and luscious rich cheese. It’s amazing that all it takes is a great cheese and a great salsa to make a terrific tamale. This recipe can be split up by preparing the stuffing a day in advance.

Makes 12 to 16 tamales


1 pound ground masa for tamales
1/2 pound lard, clarified butter or vegetable shortening
4 poblano chiles, roasted, peeled and seeded*
1/3 cup Tomatillo Salsa, see recipe
1 cup chicken stock, cold or at room temperature
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons salt

Place the masa and lard or other shortening in separate containers in the freezer for 30 to 40 minutes, until cold but not frozen.

Combine the roasted poblanos and tomatillo salsa in a blender or food processor.  Puree until smooth and set aside.  Mix together the chicken stock, baking soda, and salt and set aside.

When the masa is cold enough, empty into the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer with a paddle.  Beat on medium speed until the masa is light in texture, 5 to 7 minutes.  Turn the speed up to medium-high and drizzle in the chicken stock mixture.

Remove the lard or other fat from the freezer.  Turn the mixer speed up to high, add 1 tablespoon of the fat at a time, making sure each spoonful is incorporated before making the next addition.  Continue beating until the mixture is light and fluffy, about 15 minutes total.  Test for lightness by dropping 1 tablespoon of masa into cold water:  If it floats, the mixture is light enough.  If not, continue beating at high speed a few minutes longer.  Add the pureed chile mixture to the masa, and mix well to combine.  Reserve at room temperature.


8 poblano chiles, roasted, peeled, seeded and diced*
1/2 cup Tomatillo Salsa, plus extra for serving
1 teaspoon salt
3 packages dried corn husks, separated and soaked in hot water at least 2 hours or overnight
1 1/2 pounds panela cheese, cut into 1/4-inch cubes
To make the stuffing, mix together the poblanos, 1/2 cup tomatillo salsa, and salt.

To make the tamales, spread 1 large or 2 small softened corn husks on a counter, with the narrow end pointing away from you.  Leaving about 2 inches bare at the top, spread a 1/2-inch layer of masa over the center and one side of the husk.  Divide the poblano mixture evenly and sprinkle over the portion of masa in the center of the husk.  Top the chiles with some of the cubed cheese.

Fold the side covered with masa over the chiles and cheese, and then fold over the other side to enclose.  Fold down the top flap.  Place the folded tamale on a large square of aluminum foil and wrap to enclose.  Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Line a steamer or a pot fitted with a rack with corn husks.  Cook over simmering water 45 minutes, or until the corn husks can be pulled away from the masa without sticking.  Serve hot with Tomatillo Salsa.

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